DJ Concept – Rawkus Treats

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Old mix of all the best Rawkus releases that were out at the time.

Download here: Link Coming Soon

DJ Concept - Rawkus Treats

1. Fuck The Nonsense Intro-Concept
2. When It Rains it Pours-Diamond D & John Dough
3. Open Mic Night (remix)-Eon & Wordsworth
4. Official-Pharohe Monch
5. Habitat-Mos Def
6. Who U Be-Missin Linx
7. First Name Smut-Smut Peddlers
8. Linoleum-Company Flow
9. The Message (scored by Concept)-Thirstin Howl
10. Spitboxers (Concept remix)-Thirstin Howl
11. Next Universe (blend)-Mos Def
12. Concrete (blend)-Shabaam Saheeq & Xzibit
13. Empire Staters-B1
14. Silence-Company Flow
15. Liquid-1 Fudge
16. Stabbin You (Concept remix)-Mr Complex
17. Brick City Kids-Brick City Kids
18. Outside the Lounge-Various Artists

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