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September. Labor Day sales, the return of Monday Night Football and more importantly, school, for those of us still there. Even if you ain’t, you got plenty of memories. To all the kids, stay in school or you’ll wind up like my co-host Chief Chinchilla making rainbow sprinkles for a living. 60 minutes of school themed music for everyone from nerds to truants to med school kids that’ll never pay off the loans those in college “just for the hoes” like dude with the pacifier from Boyz N Tha Hood. Word to 50 Cent’s grape vitamin water (that shit is amazing…fortified bug juice…I’m hooked), get you a edumacation!

J-Zone presents…GATOR$-n-FUR$

1. Intro/Words From Joe Clark
2. Boogie Down Productions: You Must Learn
3. Leaders Of The New School: Case Of The P.T.A. (Remix)
4. Leaders Of The New School: Teachers, Don’t Teach Us Nonsense!
5. Jungle Brothers: Acknowledge Your Own History
6. Greyson and Jasun: Basketball
7. Steely Dan: Hey Nineteen
8. James Brown: Don’t Be A Dropout
9. Talk Break (J-Zone: Finale)
10. James Brown Public Service Announcement
11. Stetsasonic: I Ain’t Makin It
12. Raheem: School Daze
13. Diamond Shell: Cut School
14. Average White Band: School Boy Crush
15. Double XX Posse: School Of Hard Knocks
16. Hoodratz: Street Smart Dummies
17. Craig G: First Day Of School
18. 2 Low (feat. Devin The Dude): Class Clown
19. Young MC: Principal’s Office
20. EPMD: Nobody’s Safe Chump
21. Talk Break (Bo$$ Hog Barbarian$: Givva Hog A Bone-Instrumental)
22. King Tee: The Bomb Malt Liquor (Commercial)
23. Willie D: Go Back 2 School
24. Tung Twista (aka Twista): Back To School
25. Big Daddy Kane: Lean On Me
26. Schooly D: Livin In The Jungle
27. The Convicts: Fuck School
28. Al-Shid: M.A.T.H.
29. Talk Break (Def Jef: Do Ya Wanna Get Housed/ Jeremy Steig: Hopscotch/ B.T. Express: Herbs)
30. Juvenille Delinquentz: Juvenille Delinquentz
31. DJ Assault: Life Ain’t Nuthin But Bitches and Money (Fuck School)

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